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Mondo islamico
Finanza Islamica

Il nuovo portale dell'Islamic Markets

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Per chi ha intenzione di esplorare la finanza islamica, giusto da ieri, 7 Aprile 2018, è disponibile una interessante piattaforma web.

E' un sito web dedicato allo studio ed all'approfondimento tecnico dei meccanismi che regolano la finanza islamica.

La pagina web permette l'iscrizione al portale, permette di avere dei contatti con lo staff dell'islamicmarkets e di ottenere le necessarie informazioni per comprendere i meccanismi del sistema finanziario islamico.

Letter from:
Shakeeb Saqlain

CEO, IslamicMarkets

"....I am delighted to share with you the launch of - the new home and brand for the IslamicBanker:

Over the last 3 years, we have been working on creating a gateway for the global Islamic economy.

Islamic markets are not easily accessible - information is not always available and economies remain disconnected.

This restricts the opportunities for investors and firms to grow, create jobs, and spur innovation.

We have been working on addressing these gaps, with the IslamicBanker becoming an industry reference point.

Moving to allows us to continue on this journey, in addition to supporting the wider needs of OIC and non-OIC countries, addressing barriers to sustainable economic growth, trade, and connecting Islamic economies to each other and the world.

Over coming weeks and months, we'll be sharing more updates, including how you can get the most out of the Platform.

In the meantime, our journey is a shared one, so we welcome your comments and feedback.

IslamicMarkets Platform

Let's Get Started
Here's everything you need to get started:

1 - Unrivalled Data & Research
From Sukuk, Scholars, Market Research to Companies, Islamic Banks, Islamic Funds and much more.
Get access to data you can trust.

2 - Learning
Access learning solutions for Islamic finance markets, with focus on practitioner-led classroom-based and e-learning solutions.

3 - Insights from Thought-Leaders
IslamicMarkets Thought-Leaders are globally renowned leaders, policy makers and commentators sharing their ideas…

4 - Inbox
Connect and interact with Islamic financial market professionals from around the world.

More details on the web page:

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