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New York -

L'iniezione sicura..
New York City To Open
Safe Injection Sites


A New York le morti per overdose e per altre patologie legate all'utilizzo delle droge pesanti sono aumentate sensibilmente negli ultimi mesi..

Per questo motivo il sindaco ha deciso di valutare la realizzazione di "luoghi sicuri e protetti" ove i tossico-dipendenti possano iniettarsi la droga senza incorrere in rischi supplementari..

Una proposta che pero' contrasta con le leggi federali contro la diffusione delle droghe pesanti..

La proposta crea anche delle perplessità di ordine economico:
perchè mai i cittadini non-drogati dovrebbero pagare, con le loro tasse, questo servizio a chi, in definitiva, infrange la Legge ?

Insomma sarebbe quasi come pagare ai ladri un "parco divertimento-del-furto" affinché possano rubare in santa pace, felici e tranquilli, senza correre nessun rischio di un infortunio occasionale, o magari di essere arrestati..

Ovviamente un parco-divertimenti pagato dagli altri cittadini.. quelli che non rubano !

( Redazione )

The opioid epidemic is killing drug addicts throughout the United States at alarming rates.

While obviously preventing such drugs from infiltrating communities and addressing rehabilitation efforts is the key to preventing such casualties, some liberals are under the impression that providing users with drug paraphernalia and life-saving treatment in the event of an overdose is the best way to address the problem.

This is the case in New York City, New York where Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday evening that the city will soon open safe injection sites for drug users, thus violating federal law on the basis of the current drug crisis situation.

This has many in shock, including drug addicts’ loved ones, taxpayers who may be paying for these services, and others who otherwise believe in upholding the law of the land.

De Blasio defended the recent decision by claiming that by opening such facilities, many lives will be spared which would otherwise be lost to overdoses.

The safe injection sites will provide users with “clean needles and space to inject drugs.”

Trained staff will remain on site if needed to administer opioid overdose reversal medication such as naloxone, more commonly known as Narcan.

Additionally, staff will be available to “suggest addiction treatment options for illicit drug users” when appropriate.

While the solution is ridiculous, de Blasio did provide some disturbing statistics regarding the drug problem in New York City.

Apparently, “the opioid epidemic has killed more people in our city than car crashes and homicides combined,” according to the mayor.

Last year, 1,441 New York City residents lost their lives to drug overdoses, a record-breaking number which has doubled since 2000.

To illustrate this, de Blasio noted that the drug casualties in 2017 were greater than those who died “from suicide, homicide, and motor vehicle accidents combined.”

While this is undeniably a significant cultural problem in the United States, it does not change the fact that allowing people to administer illegal drugs at state-funded facilities is entirely unlawful.

Similar to sanctuary cities and states, safe injection sites are a clear violation of federal law.

Narcotics such as heroin are illegal nationally and in all 50 states.

This plan will not only promote drug use but is also a complete slap in the face to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions who have worked tirelessly to address the opioid problem by seizing drugs at the source.

However, this appears to be irrelevant to de Blasio and others behind similar motions.

Instead, he is claiming the success of other safe injection site facilities worldwide.

There are currently over 100 in existence throughout the globe, but none exist in the United States for obvious reasons.

Barbaric practices occur everywhere;
yet that in no way excuses how laws are to be enforced in the United States.

De Blasio continued to cite the apparent ‘success’ of the first safe injection location in North America which opened in Vancouver, Canada in 2003.

At such, 3.6 million drug injections have occurred, along with “6,440 overdose interventions, and zero deaths.”

Such statistics have caused three other liberal U.S. cities to plan to open similar drug use facilities in San Francisco, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Seattle, Washington.

In NYC, the plan is to launch a year-long pilot program “built into existing needle exchanges” and will open up four locations within the city.

While de Blasio did not say exactly how these injection sites will be funded, he ridiculously claimed t hey will ultimately save money pertaining to health care costs. He estimates that in the first year, 130 lives will be spared, along with “$7 million in health care costs.”

Again, while de Blasio may provide such estimates, the federal law still stands which prevents authorities from blatantly ignoring illegal substance use.

Due to such, “the legal future of such sites remains uncertain.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced in February that if such sites are implemented as planned, they can expect to be “subject to legal action” as they rightfully should be.

Unsurprisingly, plans for such injection sites have been met by liberal approval.

Alyssa Aguilera on behalf of VOCAL NY, a local advocacy organization, said that “in this moment of crisis, we are excited that New York is being a leader on this issue and moving forward with establishing sites that will undoubtedly save lives.”

That statement alone is an unfortunately accurate representation of liberal thought:
that the United States somehow has an obligation to violate its own laws to save those who do not abide by it.

Surely, the country could take in every illegal immigrant and refugee who needed asylum and look after those who have fallen into a life of drug addiction.

However, such principles are not what the U.S. was founded on and to allow such provisions would absolutely affect those who work hard and follow the law.

New York City, along with the other three mentioned cities are likely to follow through with these plans;
however, thankfully, federal law will be there to fight these and other illegal efforts.

Courtesy by Stephanie Sheaks


Millennial defending the Constitution one amendment at a time with a specific focus on pro-life issues.

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