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Tea Party Patriots

New York

Back in 2015, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at a Tea Party Patriots rally advocating for an end of the incredibly flawed Iran Nuclear Deal.

Now as president, Trump has kept his promise by officially pulling out of the deal for good this week.

"Iran is a clear threat to American allies and interests, they're an impediment to lasting peace, and a supporter of terrorism,"

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement in response to the decision.

"President Trump has done the right thing for our country, and shown the world he is not to be trifled with."

This Obama-era deal had shackled the U.S. to an agreement that was not honored by Iran.

Iran would continue to pursue the development of ballistic missile technology and continues to threaten the destruction of Israel.

Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal is a big win for Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and a big win for America.

This week, President Trump announced that he would be asking Congress to rescind $15 billion of unspent funding in an effort to tackle the latest budget deal and work toward reducing the national debt.

"We are grateful to the Trump administration for this rescission package and fully support its implementation as a good first step,"

Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement this week.

"This is money that cannot be spent so it shouldn't be spent.

It should be returned to taxpayers as a down payment on future rescissions and spending cuts that the Republican congressional leadership has promised multiple times."

President Trump has been keeping his campaign promise by making an effort to trim the fat and cut unnecessary government spending.

The president's rescission package cuts $15 billion of taxpayer dollars in previously provided spending authority and cannot be spent for the programs that they were intended for.

According to the Heritage Foundation, most of these funds have been sitting around for years untouched.

Clearly, these funds could be used to help to reduce the growing national debt.

Congress should rescind these funds, work toward eliminating wasteful spending and take measurable steps toward fiscal responsibility.

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