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Tea Party Patriots
United Arab Emirates: Open Skies time..

New York

This week, the United Arab Emirates finally reached an agreement with the Trump Administration to uphold our Open Skies agreements.

Our agreement with United Arab Emirates will benefit the American economy, protect American jobs and brings us on the right path to making America great again.

Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement reacting to the announcement:

"President Donald Trump has scored another major victory for his America First agenda.
Ensuring that the United States has the best possible and most advantageous trade deals has been a cornerstone of the Trump Administration, and today, the President continues to build on that strong record.

Like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates has agreed to end the subsidization of its national airlines, committed to opening their financial books and paying the full and fair cost of operations out of the UAE's international airports.

Ensuring that our Open Skies agreements are enforced and upheld is crucial to America's standing as a global economic leader and a critical part of the America First agenda President Trump is delivering for the American people."

Congress at work..

It's time to make Congress work again and get the job done.

With 271 outstanding nominations awaiting votes and a lack of budget planning, one would think the Senate would stay in session until progress was made and their work was finished.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin and Sen. David Perdue co-wrote a column this week demanding that Congress stop dragging its feet on passing 12 funding bills before the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30 and also to confirm Trump's 250+ nominees.

"Congress must do whatever is required to fund the federal government before the August break.

If necessary, it should work nights, weekends, and through the August recess to break through gridlock, confirm Trump's team, and start funding the government."

We put members of Congress in office and its time that they do what they were elected to do.

( G.C. )


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