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Soros: sempre contro la politica di Trump..
George Soros Linked To Campaign Fighting

To Repeal Trump’s Tax Cuts
Soros is funneling big money to groups fighting to repeal Trump's tax cuts.

New York -

Liberal billionaire George Soros has been linked to a ‘fake grassroots campaign’ to repeal President Donald Trump‘s tax cuts.

According to the The Daily Signal, the group has been targeting “white voters without a college degree.”

Perhpas that’s because the liberal groups think those people are too dumb to understand what it would mean to take away the tax cuts.

The campaign, called “Not One Penny,” postures itself as a grassroots campaign that has grown organically.

But, its tax filings from last year and the first quarter of this year reveal that the organization has been receiving massive checks from the Open Society Foundation.

Soros runs this organization and has been accused of using it to funnel his money to left-wing groups across the U.S.

The group kicked-off its campaign last year to fight back against Trump’s tax cuts, when they began spending seven-figures on advertisements in eight Republican-held congressional districts.

The ads targeted “large numbers of white voters without college degrees, who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but have not historically been passionate about tax cuts.”

A grassroots campaign receives a majority of its funding through small-dollar donations.

This means that rather than getting one check for a large sum, the group would instead have hundreds of small donations from people.

However, Not One Penny is not a grassroots organization funded by people; it is a left-wing organization who has received more than a million dollars from Soros and his foundation in the last year.

Soros is also funding another liberal group called Democracy Alliance to help overturn Trump’s tax cuts.

In 2016, the group received $400,000 from Soros for “consulting services.”

This is hardly the first time Soros has funneled big money to attack Trump and Republicans.

As reported by Conservative Daily Post, Soros was exposed a few months ago for writing six-figure checks to Democrat lawmakers who are ardently in favor of eroding the Second Amendment.

He is funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into candidates who support efforts to ban guns in America.

Prior to that, it was revealed that Soros was funding progressive candidates who want to have reparations for blacks on the ballot in the U.S. by 2020.

Trump’s tax cuts have created millions of new job, the stock market has been roaring, unemployment is at a historic low, and the president is working to solve many of America’s trade imbalances with other countries.

Numerous studies have shown that roughly 90 percent of Americans will see an increase in their paychecks this year.

It’s possible that Soros is doing everything imaginable to overturn the tax cuts because he doesn’t want Trump getting credit for helping the American people.

He seems to be bankrolling efforts to repeal Trump’s tax cuts, create chaos in America, and stoke racial tensions.

His dangerous ambitions raise serious questions about the safety and security of the U.S. and many would agree that something must be done to thwart his efforts.

Courtesy by Martin Walsh


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