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Senatrice DEM - alla guida: la spia cinese..
Powerful Dem Senator Had ‘Chinese Spy’

On Staff For Years
The was with her until federal agencies informed her that her driver was passing intelligence along to the Chinese!

New York -

Nations have been spying on each other for centuries, hoping to gain insight into decision making and even foresight into decisions that would be made, among other, more sinister purposes.

Indeed, since the Cold War began, it seems like the United States has worked hard to spy on many of the world’s nations, while maintaining a decent record of preventing foreign spies from getting too deep into the halls of power in the Untied States.

That makes it all the more interesting, then, that Senator Dianne Feinstein has such strange ties to a Chinese spy.

At a time when she and most of the other politician son the left side of the aisle are complaining of Russia’s spying and hacking and alleged conspiracy, it’s interesting that the public is just recently learning the details of her former ‘Chinese spy’ driver and staffer.

Either she’s incompetent, or she’s complicit, and either way he delivered information.

Why did former President Obama keep this secret?

Perhaps most interesting is how the Obama-era FBI kept the story under wraps for half a decade, given the fact that ‘sources’ and leaks’ riddle the mainstream media’s headlines daily.

Though he was ‘caught’ five years ago, Feinstein’s office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy.

Many have suggested that the San Francisco Bay area is a haven of spying, mostly via the Chinese and the Russians.

Indeed, last year, the federal government even took the step of shutting down the Russian consulate in San Francisco.

Before the diplomats turned the building over to the authorities, there was a thick, black smoke billowing from it for quite some time.

Many in the intelligence fields suggested that it meant the Russians were burning documents, likely containing information that they would not want American intelligence to see.

Last week, Politico broke this latest story of cloak and dagger espionage, one that included a very senior member of the Democrat Party.

According to the website, a staffer for Feinstein was not only working as her gofer, driver, and a liaison to the ‘Asian-American community,’ but who also attended functions at the Chinese consulate for her office, was a spy.

Still, Feinstein, perhaps hoping to avoid bad press, forced her staffer into retirement, according to the source.

The source also added that none of the staff in her office ever knew what was going on, or that they had been working with someone who was spying for the Chinese.

Former FBI agent Jeff Harp said that he was not at all surprised by the news.

He pointed out, and rightly so, that Dianne Feinstein sits on one of the most important committees in the American Government, the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Not only that, she was the chair of the committee at the time when her spy/driver was outed by the FBI.

The Bureau declined to provide any sort of comment on the story.

However, it is interesting that they can manage to be so tight-lipped about this story, when since President Donald Trump has taken office, it seems like the FBI is leaking stories almost constantly.

This story was buried for five years. It sounds like the only reason that the story came to light is because political news website Politico was writing a story about espionage in Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, during that same five-year span between the ‘retirement’ of Feinstein’s Chinese spy/employee, that same agency managed to constantly leak stories about Donald Trump, often from the highest levels, and other political stories.

It sounds almost like it would take a minor miracle to keep the story under wraps for half of a decade.

Even now, the source only talked about the story, and how Dianne Feinstein was ‘mortified’ that she had an employee passing on information from her office to the Chinese government, under the condition that his name not be used at all.

Did Feinstein get some sort of strange protection from members of the Bureau because she is so hooked into the intelligence community?

Did the Bureau keep the story quiet because it made one of their defenders look so bad?

The answer will likely never be known.

What is known, however, is that somehow, someone who is privy to important, sensitive information, had someone on her staff turning over information to the Chinese.

Whether she knew it or not is irrelevant.

Courtesy by Austin Lewis


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