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Migrants Unleash Coordinated Fire Bomb Attack

Country In Flames.
A group of masked suspects threw fire bombs at at least 15 cars in three different Swedish cities.

New York -

A group of masked thugs in Sweden reportedly unleashed a coordinated fire bomb attack on Monday night, and the videos and images are downright troubling as the country is in flames.

As noted by Zero Hedge, soaring crime rates, gang violence, and an uptick in migrants have resulted in the country experiencing a strong increase in violence and terror attacks.

On Monday night, police reported multiple gangs of masked suspects throwing fire bombs in three major Swedish cities, setting cars on fire in what appears to be a coordinated attack.

The attacks in Sweden also came around the same time as a terror attack in Westminster, United Kingdom, where a suspect attempted to mow down a group of cyclists with his vehicle, and other asylum seeker stabbed four.

These attacks happening hours apart in Europe raise questions about whether this was internationally coordinated.

Intelligence Fusion tweeted out an image on Monday showing a graphic of the three attacks in Sweden.

The outlet reported that at least 15 vehicles were torched and that there could be more.

The Daily Mail reports that police were trying to deal with multiple fires in the three cities, preserving the safety of the community, and apprehending the masked thugs obviously determined to cause serious damage with their fire bombs and Molotov cocktails.

Here are a few images that were uploaded to Twitter reportedly showing the severity of the attacks:

Last year, President Donald Trump warned about the rise of violent groups in Sweden and across Europe as a result of the migrant crisis.

As more nations like Sweden continue accepting large swaths of refugees without vetting many of them, Trump warned about the risk of terror attacks that could result from it.

The violence in Sweden has gotten so bad that more than a dozen people have been killed in the last two years in the nation’s capital, with the number being even higher when all of the attacks are tallied.

With gangs that are mostly living in run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants, it has become clear to many that the nation has opened itself up to attacks like the ones seen on Monday night because it has accepted so many unvetted refugees.

Fire bomb attacks in Sweden and a suspect trying to mow down cyclists in the U.K. perfectly encapsulates the violence and terror Trump has been fighting back against.

This is why the president wants extreme vetting, to ensure the U.S. never experiences the violence raging across Europe.

Courtesy by Martin Walsh


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