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I 5 "record".. tutti Cinesi..
5 World Records Held by China

Cina: da un posto qualsiasi..

China ranks at n.7 in the Guinness World Records list of most records broken and has over 100 titles.

There are various impressive records that Chinese people have managed to beat, some strange, some grand, all unique.

I'd like to share 5 amazing records held by China.

I've also included YouTube links for some of these records so you may see some of these events on film.

1. Longest planking time

At the 2016 Plank World Cup in Beijing, a police officer named Mao Weidong beat the world record planking time:
eight hours, one minute and one second.

2. Human mattress domino

Held in 2012, the event was held in a shopping mall in Shanghai, where 1001 volunteers crashed to the ground (with the aid of mattresses).

It was organized by Bellarest International, and it took 11 minutes and 11 seconds to complete.

Watch the mesmerizing video of the human dominoes on YouTube:

3. Amount of blindfolded chess victories

Jiang Chuan, a competent Chinese man expert in Chinese chess, participated in the challenge at the Longwanqun National Park in Jilin province.

Twenty-six candidates from over the world participated:
they had to cover their eyes and play chess against each other, solely relying on the people reading chess-piece movements aloud.

He won 21 competitions in less than 16 and a half hours.

4. Longest cross-sea bridge

Connecting Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai in mainland China, this is the longest cross-sea bridge built.

Travel time from Hong Kong to Zhuhai used to be 3 hours, whereas with the use of the bridge it has now become 30 minutes.

China will open this impressive bridge later this year.
Taking seven years to complete, the bridge initially sparked a controversy, criticized for being a waste of money and some see it as a 'physical manifestation of the Chinese leadership's determination to exert its regional influence'
(Sarah Lazarus,

Despite these initial setbacks, China has confirmed that it is perfectly safe and is proud of this achievement and world record.

It has over 420,000 tons of steel which is equal to 60 Eiffel Towers.

55 km long and with six lanes wide, this bridge is comprised of artificial islands and tunnels to facilitate the journey.

You can watch a video of this incredible bridge here:

5. Lighted drones

The U.S. firm Intel set a record of 1,218 drones flying simultaneously in February 2018 in South Korea during the Winter Olympic Games.

But then China broke this record with 1,374 drones in the air in Xi'an, breaking the previous record of 'most unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously airborne'.

The drones, from a drone company named UAV firm Ehang Egret, flew across a kilometer, all illuminated.

The 13-minute flight show spelled out President Xi Jinping's cornerstone political sign, which was part of his foreign policy initiative:
One Belt One Road.

There are numerous videos on YouTube of this performance, of which one is:

All these records are great, and China uses them to assert her position in the world.

However, we shouldn't forget what the purpose of Guinness World Records is to challenge people to work together and succeed and to make anyone with otherwise 'odd talents' have the special recognition they deserve.

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