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True or false?
The Democrats refused to stand for American greatness at the State of the Union.

New York

Not only did the President deliver a message of American greatness, he also provided the radical left with the opportunity to show their true colors, and they did not disappoint.

The extreme left is out of control - just this week they tried to bully Gladys Knight and Maroon 5, demanding they back out of their Super Bowl performances to show "solidarity" with National Anthem-hating Colin Kaepernick.

And then at the State of the Union, many of them refused to stand for goals shared by a majority of Americans, or for accomplishments that most Americans support.

Democrats refused to show support for …
A pledge to govern for America and not for partisan gain.
A call to choose greatness for our country.
5 million Americans lifted off food stamps.
The lowest unemployment rate in half a century, including the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded for black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans.
157 million people working - more than any other time in our history.
America as a net exporter of energy for the first time in 65 years.
Another 304,000 jobs added last month alone.
Passage of a bill that finally made it easier to fire VA employees that mistreat our veterans.
Migrants entering the country legally instead of illegally.

Legislation to prohibit late-term abortions of babies that can feel pain inside the womb.
Other nations paying more for their own defense.

There was a group of far-left women members of Congress that frowned and scowled their way through statements of unity and protection of innocent lives.

But, do you know who these extremists stood up for and enthusiastically celebrated?


Oh yes, they had no problem clapping and high-fiving each other when President Trump pointed out how there are more women serving in Congress than ever before.

Standing for veterans or the families of people murdered by illegal immigrants?


Standing to celebrate their own careers?

Last night, America was able to see the vast chasm between a President who has a vision of greatness for America and for all Americans, and a political party controlled by extremists who aggressively advocate for socialism, infanticide, open borders, 70% tax rates, and more.

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