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ref:topbtw-1669.html/ 15 Giugno 2019/A

Censura e censura.
....Il progetto "Veritas" sotto attacco...

New York

You know what drives us crazy?

Attacks on the First Amendment, which seem to be everywhere - on college campuses, on social platforms, etc.

This week, Project Veritas revealed that Pinterest has joined other tech giants in shadow-banning conservatives and labelling their content "pornographic," "sensitive" and "harmful."

And now, Pinterest has banned Live Action, while other tech companies are censoring Project Veritas' story about... tech companies censoring conservatives.

These companies are abusing their power and deliberately discriminating against conservatives - most likely to affect the 2020 election, and it's got to stop.

Thanks to groups like Project Veritas, the rotten core and malevolent intent of these Silicon Valley giants has been revealed.

However, a frightening trend in America's overall culture of promoting censorship and trampling free speech rights is metastasizing.

Conservatives have a responsibility to reign in the liberal radicalization threatening our engrained constitutional rights.

Conservatives must act now before it's too late.

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