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Ma la colpa non è..
....dei Governi da dove si scappa?

New York

We hope you enjoyed your Independence Day!

We would love to see all the ways you celebrated our nation's founding this year.

Be sure to tag Tea Party Patriots in your social media posts by using @TPPatriots and we'll be sure to highlight your amazing fireworks and celebrations.

This week, the Left finally admitted there is a crisis at the border, and rather than apologize for their years of denial, they instead used cheap political theater to lie about the conditions at the detention centers where migrants are being held as their applications are processed.

The simple truth is, additional funding was needed to deal with the dramatic rise in migrants crossing the border, and Democrats refused to help, until now.

The House and the Senate finally approved a bipartisan bill that provides funds to help cover the necessary resources requested by Border Patrol and ICE for a very long time.

Unfortunately, none of the funds will be used to secure the border and prevent the ever-increasing flow of migrants who attempt to cross because Democrats would rather spend your tax dollars on freebies for millions of new, illegal immigrants.

How are countries south of the U.S. responding to this crisis?

El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele insisted that they start asking questions.

"We can blame any other country but what about our blame?

What country did they flee?

Did they flee the United States?

They fled El Salvador, they fled our country.

It is our fault.

" Conditions in migrants' home countries could be improved and addressing the problems there can lead to a long-term solution that would help all countries and people involved.

You know what drives us crazy?

This is a time for Americans to celebrate the founding of our country 243 years ago, and why we should be proud Americans.

Unfortunately, stories like former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick bullying Nike into pulling their Betsy Ross flag shoes off the shelves are frustrating.

Kaepernick, the same football player who disrespected the National Anthem, is now going after the American flag created by Betsy Ross because of its supposed "ties to America's era of slavery."

Except that the flag was apparently acceptable when President Obama used it..

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