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Qui falsi diritti che cancellano..
....i tuoi veri diritti..
Asylum isn't a right. Religious liberty is. Healthcare is not a right. Freedom of speech is

New York

Isn't it funny how the left just makes up new rights and will defend them tooth and nail, but they trample on our actual, God-given, natural rights that are explicitly mentioned in the Constitution?

While you're not allowed to speak up about your religious convictions or abide by your conscience, illegal migrants are given made up rights by activist judges - like the right to invade our country.

Activist judges literally say that migrants have a right to enter our country!

And so, reining in these anti-American judges is the first issue we are tackling in the Reach Them & Teach Them program.

If we don't stop the courts from usurping the power to write and implement laws, and if they have the final say on everything, then no conservative policies will ever be allowed to stand.

Daniel Horowitz calls it
"societal transformation without representation,"
and he's exactly right.

Which of us had any say in this radical transformation of our country?

Did you have a say on whether or not we have open borders?

Did you have a say on the invasion of millions of Central and South American migrants?

Did you have a say on the issue of grown men using the bathroom with little girls?


None of us did because judges are making these decisions instead of our elected representatives.

( Courtesy by Jenny Beth Martin )

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