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E grazie ad un AR-15...
mamma salva marito e figlia...

Mom Saves Husband And Daughter
In Savage Home Invasion

Thanks To AR-15

This story would have been so much different if this mother hadn’t had the means to stop these masked gunman who immediately attacked her husband and took her daughter.

Many gun-hating activists claim that there is no reason to own an AR-15.

Setting aside the personal liberty that is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, one Florida family is thankful that their home contained this weapon after two heavily masked men burst in with handguns.

The mom of the family, who is pregnant, sprang into action after her husband was immediately attacked and her daughter was grabbed by one of the violent intruders.

She grabbed the AR-15 and gunned down one of the criminals which sent the other one fleeing, and her husband is crediting her with saving all of their lives.

Bay News 9, a local Florida news outlet, reported:

The bruises and swelling on Jeremy King’s face tells the story of a man on the receiving end of a brutal attack.

But his actual account is far more harrowing than his injuries suggest.

•Two masked men armed with guns entered the victim’s home
•His pregnant wife retreated and grabbed an AR-15

“I’ve got a fractured eye socket, a fractured sinus cavity, a concussion, 20 stitches and three staples in my head,”
said King, outside his home on Old Welcome Road in Lithia.

“I took a severe beating.”

Both men pointed guns at King while demanding money.

“They came in heavily hooded and masked.
As soon as they had got the back door opened, they had a pistol on me and was grabbing my 11-year-old daughter,” he said.

“I’m telling them, ‘I have nothing for you,’”
King explained.
“[A]nd they’re like, ‘Give me everything you got.’
It became real violent, real fast.”

King said one of the men started pistol-whipping him while another kicked him repeatedly in the head.

His wife, who is eight months pregnant, was in the back bedroom and peeked out to see what was going on.

King said one of the men shot at her.

She retreated, grabbed an AR-15 and returned fire.

“When he came toward the back door in her line of sight, she clipped him,”
King said.

“He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing.”

Deputies later found a man dead in a nearby ditch.

The other gunman ran off after that fatal shot was fired.

“Them guys came in with two normal pistols and my AR stopped it,” King said.
“[My wife] evened the playing field and kept them from killing me. “

Investigators are still looking for the second gunman.

Courtesy by Georgette

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