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Venti di guerra dall'Egitto !

L'aviazione Egiziana si prepara ad agire nei cieli libici in aiuto di Haftar!
President Sisi tells Egypt's air force to prepare for missions outside borders if necessary

Notizia ignorata dalla grande stampa italiana .... di disinformazione di massa...

La politica estera italiana..

New York

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday instructed Air Force combat units during an army inspection to prepare to carry out missions outside Egypt's border if necessary.

"I am happy that I am meeting you today and am reassured by you on the efficiency, technical and combat status of the armed forces," Sisi told the Air Force units, adding
"Be prepared to carry out any mission within our borders, or if necessary outside our borders."

Sisi's remarks came during his inspection of the Air force's combat units in the Western Military Command, accompanied by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and the commanders of the main branches of the Armed Forces.

The Egyptian army is one of the most powerful armies in the region, he said, and is also an army that acts rationally in order to defend the nation inside and outside its borders, aiming to secure and not assault.

"This is our strategy, our beliefs, and our principles that do not change," Sisi stressed.

"A large part of the armed forces here, whether from the Special Forces or the Air Force, are available and ready to carry out any tasks.

What I have seen so far is really very great and reflects our capabilities," he continued.

"There are a lot of activities here in the western region along the entire border with sister country Libya.

More than 1,200 km are being secured for over seven years by the Air Force, Special Forces, Border Guard forces and many others," he added.

Sisi's remarks and visit to the Western Military Command came a day after the release of 23 Egyptians who were detained in the Libyan city of Tarhuna.

A video showing militia members abusing Egyptian laborers in Libya went viral on Tuesday, triggering anger among social media users and Egyptian officials.

President Sisi instructed authorities to return the abducted laborers.

Egyptian authorities managed to secure their release and return them home safely.

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