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COSPLAY in China... costume..

Cosplay is a growing hobby and trend in many places around the world including countries in Europe and in America, but nowhere does it have the same popularity that it does in Asia.

This first started in Japan in the 80s, and since then it has spread to many other places- specifically, China.

Cosplay involves a person dressing up as a character from a comic, videogame, or most iconically, a Japanese cartoon.

Many do this to be part of the character's world, and many take on their character's personality traits as well.

When going out in large cities in China, it is not uncommon to see people on the subway or doing day-to-day errands in these fabulous outfits.

During quarantine lockdown, many would take out and wash these outfits:
going out on the street and seeing all of them hung to dry was like walking along a costume convention.

Cosplay outfits usually involve saturated colors such as blue or neon yellow, and have complex belts, shawls, and accessories.

Many wear wigs or style their hair accordingly, and others go the extra mile to buy colored contact lenses to better embody their character.

It is just like theatre, but on the streets.

The outrageousness, and the difference, the variety that cosplay brings to the table are what makes it all the more interesting.

To cater to these increasing numbers of cosplayers, there are various conferences and conventions where cosplayers can meet and mingle.

For example, one of the biggest expos in Asia is the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, otherwise known as ChinaJoy, where there are videogame-themed "competitions, demos from local brands and international giants", according to TimeOutShanghai.

But for some, cosplay isn't just an escapist hobby:
it can become a job. For example, many videogame companies will employ cosplayers to go to public gatherings and market up coming games.

Some will begin making and selling cosplay outfits, as well as other media-related merchandise. I once knew a 14-years-old girl who absolutely adored cosplay.

However, since cosplay outfits are extremely expensive, she learnt how to design and make her own.

This is now her passion and creative outlet, and could become a potential business.

There are also several websites where you can follow cosplayers, look at and rate their photos, and find your cosplay team.

Even for non-monetary gains, on the street it is not uncommon for non-cosplayers to take pictures with cosplayers.

This is an amazing away to also make friends with common interests, and yet another way for cosplay teams to compete at events to be made.

There are usually selfies and autographs involved in these cases: even in a place where cosplaying isn't as jarring, it still is brave to go above and beyond to show your love for your favourite characters in public.

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