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Pregate per la nostra Nazione...
Il Messaggio.. perché la partita non è ancora finita..

Le notizie che non trovate sugli organi italiani di disinformazione di massa..

New York

It's time to face facts:
Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

This is not the end of our struggle. In fact, it is merely the beginning of a new phase for our efforts to grow and defend personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.

We will not go silently into the night. We will exercise our First Amendment rights to continue to stand for Constitutional government and individual liberty, and against what we know is coming from a Congress and White House controlled by the left - radical, left-wing, unconstitutional, un-American, socialist legislation and executive orders.

We will oppose those unconstitutional and socialist policies and programs lawfully and peacefully.

Like many of you, we have stood outside the U.S. Capitol on scores of occasions these last dozen years.

We have always respected the Capitol Police and the job they have to do.

We follow the law, and we never climb scaffolding, barge into the building, destroy property, or storm the chambers.

As an organization deeply committed to the rule of law and property rights, we condemn the destruction of property and vandalism that took place on our Capitol building, the most easily recognizable symbol of freedom across the world.

We pray for our country, for those in government, and for all of our elected officials, including President Donald Trump and the incoming president, Joe Biden.

We pray that they all exercise the wisdom and love for American ideals and principles that our founding fathers had, and that they act honestly and with integrity, respecting the freedoms and liberties enshrined in our constitution.

We love our country and cherish the rights bestowed by our Creator, and will stand for those rights forever.

God bless America,

( Courtesy by Jenny Beth Martin )


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