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Ancora una nuova prova certa..dei voti rubati..

"Made in China"...

Le notizie che non leggete sugli organi di disinformazione di massa..

Where is our freedom ?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind, The answer is blowin' in the wind.
How many times must a man look up Before he can see the sky?

Election Fraud Bombshell:
Chinese Shipping Receipt Included With Shredded Ballots

The evidence that China mailed fake ballots to Georgia has been hinted at for months, and now the evidence is documented.

The election fraud that occurred and is still occurring with a fraudulently installed dictator, ‘supposedly’ in the White House, is being exposed.

Despite attempts to silence the truth, it’s coming out.

NOQ Report explained:

Today is bombshell day for Trump supporters as multiple stories have emerged just two days before Congress is set to meet in a joint session to determine the next President of the United States.

The first was a crazy, albeit plausible drop by attorney Lin Wood that tells of blackmail, sex trafficking, and pure evil.

Then, data analysts revealed incontrovertible proof that over 400,000 votes for President Trump in heavily contested Pennsylvania were “disappeared” during and after Election Day.

Now, former CEO Patrick Byrne has revealed two narratives about fraudulent ballots being shipped across the country and even from Communist China.

Here’s his Twitter thread, verbatim:

A printing shop in Michigan prints ballots for Delaware County, Pennsylvania and as Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (this is normal).

But along with the ballots it prints on contract and delivers to those counties, it prints some ballots that get diverted to Bethpage, New York.

There, a boiler room of folks fill in “Biden” (often without even voting downballot).

The ballots (which are forensically legitimate, given that they come from the same print shop as the good ballots, ) then get trucked into Pennsylvania and mailed.

Hundreds of thousands.

We have all of that documented.

Texts, statements, affidavits, everything.

We also know that this same ballot printing company (and other firms in the same family) also print for Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia.

Narrative #2:
China sent counterfeit ballots to Fulton County, Georgia.

During the counting on election night, all but four people were shoved out of the counting operation on the grounds of a dangerous “water main break” (that turned out to be “a toilet overflowed”).

Last Wednesday, December 30, the Georgia Senate Judiciary voted to inspect those Fulton County voting operations.

Hours later (as I have previously posted) an Enterprise vans pulled up and got filled up with voting materials.

A shredding company in neighboring Cobb County, Georgia was on December 31 given roughly 3,000 pounds of ballots to shred.

Authorities have come into possession of those materials.

A handful of papers stuck to the side of the shredding bin.

They include some unshredded ballots (which 2 federally certified forensic examiners have affirmed do not match the legitimate ballots).


Word is the DOJ and DHS have been told to stand down.

That President Trump himself has had to call agents on the ground asking them to continue.

If you think they should continue, retweet to let @TheJusticeDept know your feelings.


A printing shop in Michigan prints ballots for Delaware County, Pennsylvania and as Lancashire County, Pennsylvania (this is normal).

But along with the ballots it prints on contract and delivers to those counties, it prints some ballots that get diverted to Bethpage, New York.

— Patrick Byrne (@PatrickByrne) January 4, 2021

For weeks, we’ve been hoping for a “MOAB“—Mother Of All Bombshells—to drop.

With mountains of evidence being systematically ignored by mainstream media, suppressed by Big Tech, and unseen by a majority on Capitol Hill who prefer to keep their heads in the sand, we’ve speculated it would take something so earth-shattering that ignoring it would be proof of complicity in the coup attempt.

This could be it.

Byrne has had President Trump’s ear ever since investing much of his fortune into investigating voter fraud allegations.

He and his team have been doing what the Department of Justice, Congress, and state election officials have refused to do.

Now, we’re seeing some of the fruits of his efforts.

The only question is whether or not the evidence they’ve collected can be put in front of Congress in time.

If not, there’s still hope but the evidence will have to reach the Supreme Court before Inauguration Day for the last-minute correction of election results to take effect.

This information needs to get into the hands of everyone on Capitol Hill immediately.

Mainstream media won’t do it.

The DoJ is conspicuously absent.

High crimes against the nation and the Constitution have been committed.

They must be exposed.

( Courtesy by Georgette )

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