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The Greek laser weapon that hits drones every 2-3 seconds

The inventor of the first robot in Greece, Konstantinos Soukos, has pushed Greece into a new era by creating laser weapons that target drones.

When the inventor and businessman Konstantinos Soukos built the first robot in Greece in 1985, he did not imagine that 36 years later he would supply many military forces across the world.

One of the newest creations that stands out at the DEFEA 2021 Defence Exhibition in Athens is the High Energy Laser Weapon developed by the Soukos Robots company which promises to transfer energy at lightning speed.

Among the revolutionary features of the weapon is that it is not affected by gravity.

It also allows passive detection of targets, including drones, naval vessels, missiles and helicopters.

"It is a laser robotic weapon system that emits photons from 5 to 20 kilometers," Soukos explained, adding:
"It has a stabilisation system."

"It has an automatic alignment system, while it has the ability to strike each target every two to three seconds, "It was built to shoot down drones.

"Today, war is lost or won by drones.
"So the future is laser weapons,"
he said.

Soukos also explained that the strong points of his company is with defence and not offensive weapon systems.

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