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Empire Shut Down: Whistleblower ‘Exposes’ Docs For One Reason
Everyone was stunned after the Facebook empire crashed yesterday… but the real reason is extremely alarming.

Yesterday, ( Oct. 5th ) a massive crash of Facebook (and subsidiary social media platforms) caused many people to scratch their heads.

It was strange that the crash has coincided with a whistleblower who is exposing the evil control of the company.

But something strange is going on….

The mainstream media is embracing the whistleblower and spewing a carefully crafted narrative of ‘danger.’


Many people think it is because the government (aka deep state intelligence branch) is preparing to take control of all electronic communications in the country.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Without warning, Facebook crashed on Monday morning.

It’s unclear what caused today’s global outage which saw Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all crash.

The shutdown comes after a former Facebook product manager turned “whistleblower” leaked tens of thousands of internal documents published in a blockbuster series of reports published by The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook executives admit in the internal memos that Zuckerberg “hobbled” America to get vaccinated, facilitates human trafficking and that the company’s subsidiary, Instagram, is harmful to teenagers among the trove of damning information leaked.

However, the whistleblower, 37-year old data scientist Frances Haugen who led Facebook’s Civic Integrity and Misinformation Group starting in 2019, was the chief censor on the social media platform ahead of the rigged 2020 election.

Unlike whistleblowers who have previously exposed big tech, Haugen is conspicuously being championed by the mainstream media.

While the latest leaked documents confirm complaints repeatedly leveled against Facebook, the latest expose is suspected to be psy-op contrived by Facebook to conglomerate with the federal government to amass unrestrained power.

Facebook executives “see people are leaving Facebook. They’re going to GETTR, they’re going to Telegram.

They’re going to all these other places.

They’re sharing Rumble,” Human Event’s Jack Posobeic told Steve Bannon on Monday.

“She was the head censor on FB during the election of 2020.

Yet she is going to come out and act like she’s a whistleblower?

Haugen is controlled opposition, Posobeic warns.

“She’s realizing the only way to do this is with legislative action.

They want the government to step in and they are going to use brute force,” he said.

“They are going to say the only way to fix this, of course, is going to be government action for the ‘greater good.

“Think of any of the whistleblowers who have come forward from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, from Project Veritas – those are the real whistleblowers – the people who lose their jobs, get lawsuits, get ruined.

There are guys behind bars. Real whistleblowers don’t get thrown on 60-Minutes.

This is an operation.”

Zuckerberg has yet to comment publicly on the slew of allegations published since Sept. 13.

Instead, in recent weeks the CEO has posted videos of himself sailing and fencing on his own profile.

The Gateway Pundit added:

As reported earlier by Alicia Powe — Without warning, Facebook crashed on Monday morning.

It’s unclear what caused today’s global outage which saw Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all crash.

The Daily Mail reported:

Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer offered his ‘sincere apologies’ on Monday afternoon as a global outage of the website along with Instagram and WhatsApp stretched into its fifth hour, costing the company $50billion and CEO Mark Zuckerberg $7billion and counting.

The cause of the outage is believed to have been changes made to Facebook’s systems at 11.50am EST.

It is believed they were caused in error and were not a cyber attack, but Facebook is yet to confirm the cause of the outage.

It sparked global outages that are detrimental to online businesses and decimate the company’s ad-wielding power.

At 3.50pm, four hours after the outage began, CTO Mike Schroepfer tweeted: ‘*Sincere* apologies to everyone impacted by outages of Facebook powered services right now.

We are experiencing networking issues and teams are working as fast as possible to debug and restore as fast as possible.’

( Courtesy by A. Matthews )



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