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ref:topbtw-3149.html/ 15 Novembre 2021/A

E pure i falsi green-pass made in China

Le notizie che non leggete sugli organi di disinformazione di massa..

Woman Arrested With Vax Passports From China

In LA, you must have your papers.

One woman apparently got fake vaccine passports from China.

KTLA reported:

A woman suspected of possessing and selling counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine cards has been arrested, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday 9th

Detectives began investigating after receiving a tip from the Department of Homeland Security Investigations about fake coronavirus vaccination cards shipped into the U.S. from China, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The cards were headed for an address in the Whittier area, and investigators determined the recipient to be Charlene Bohorquez of Whittier, the release stated.

Last Friday, detectives served a search warrant at the home, where they found dozens of fake vaccine cards, along with other items of evidence, authorities said.

Bohorquez was then questioned by detectives.

During the interview, she admitted to ordering the cards from a Chinese vendor online and had intended to sell them to vaccine-hesitant people, according to the release.

The Sheriff’s Department said that the suspect also told detectives that she previously sold counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Bohorquez was arrested on suspicion of possessing and selling of a counterfeit or deceptive identification document, the release stated.

She was cited and ordered to appear in court on a future date.

The arrest came as Los Angeles County implemented a stricter requirement in which people had to show proof of being fully vaccinated against the coronavirus to get into certain indoor establishments, including bars and clubs.

The case remains under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to call Sgt. Michael Mileski at 562-946-7037.

Anonymous tips can also be left through Crime Stoppers by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477)
or on the website

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