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FRODE ELETTORALE : 13.067 SI e soli 58 NO..???

Turkey Major election fraud suspicion in Viransehir

Ridvan Yilmaz, spokesperson of HDP Election Committee, claimed that block votes were cast in 60 neighborhoods in Viransehir district of Urfa.
In Viransehir, there are 13,067 “yes” and 58 “no” votes.

HDP stated that there are 13,067 “yes” and 58 “no” votes in Viransehir, since AKP forced block voting.

According to Dihaber, Ridvan Yilmaz, spokesperson of HDP Election Committee, stated that polling clerks were subjected to pressure and sent away, unstamped ballots and envelops were used and block votes were cast in many rural neighborhoods.

Block vote in 60 neighborhoods

Sharing the findings of the investigation for revealing the irregularities in referendum, Yavuz stated that block votes were cast in many rural neighborhoods.
He said that Viransehir district is an example to that.
A trustee was assigned to the municipality of Viransehir, where 13,067 “yes” and 58 “no” votes were cast in referendum.

Yilmaz said:
“This result doesn’t make any sense.
We expect SBE (Supreme Board of Election) to act morally.
Many villages in Viransehir voted for HDP in previous elections.
If there weren’t block voting, the result of the referendum would have been different in those villages.

This shows that people of Viransehir doesn’t accept the trustee, but they were denied the right to vote freely and a forced ‘yes’ was achieved with pressure and fraud.”

Yavuz also added that this kind of fraud took place in more than 1,200 villages in Urfa city, they collected all documents and objected to results in many ballot boxes.

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