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Germany continues war of words with Turkey,

reviews arms sales..


Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has fired a further salvo in the ongoing feud, comparing Turkey to Communist East Germany.

Berlin also said that it would be reviewing future sales of arms to Turkey.

In an interview with “Bild” newspaper, Germany’s influential conservative finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, became the latest politician to wade into the fray of deteriorating relations between Ankara and Berlin.

“Turkey has started making arbitrary arrests and isn’t maintaining the minimum standards for consulates (having access to detainees),”
Schäuble said.

“It reminds me of how things were in the (communist) GDR.
People who traveled there knew:
If something happens, no one can help you.”

Schäuble’s remarks came one day after Germany changed its travel advisory for Turkey to warn German citizens of “risks” associated with going to the country.

That move was part of a general “reorientation” of policy toward Turkey in response to Turkey’s jailing of German human rights activists and journalists.

“If Turkey doesn’t stop playing this little game, we’ll have to tell people:
‘You travel at your own risk to Turkey – we can’t offer you any guarantees,'”
Schäuble added.

Vacation from the rule of law?

( Gagrule )

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