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La ritorsione di Putin contro l'ambasciata russa ..

Russia Seizes 2 U.S. Properties and Orders Embassy to Cut Staff


Russia took its first steps on Friday 28th, to retaliate against proposed American sanctions for Moscow’s suspected meddling in the 2016 election, seizing two American diplomatic properties and ordering the United States Embassy to reduce staff by September.

The moves, which Russia had been threatening for weeks, came a day after the United States Senate approved a measure to expand economic sanctions against Russia, as well as against Iran and North Korea.

The bill, mirroring one passed by the House on Tuesday, now goes to President Trump for his signature.

The latest move by the Kremlin strikes another blow against the already dismal diplomatic relations between the two sides, with each new step moving Moscow and Washington farther from the rapprochement anticipated a few months ago.

Some analysts suggested that matters could get even worse.

“Russia’s response to the new sanctions was inevitable,”
Aleksei Pushkov, a legislator and frequent commentator on international affairs, wrote on Twitter.

“There is a high probability that this will not be the end of it.”

The number of American targets inside Russia for Kremlin retaliation are limited, particularly if Moscow is worried about damaging the investment climate or about other economic fallout.


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