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ref:topbtw-3614.html/ 23 Febbraio 2023

Italia e Libia

Lotta alla immigrazione e sicurezza delle frontiere..

Task - forse al lavoro a Roma.. con una certa calma..
Work of “Libyan-Italian” special task force on security and immigration launched

The Minister of Interior of the Government of National Unity, Emad Trabelsi, has supervised, with his Italian counterpart, Matteo Piantedosi, the “launch of the work of an Italian-Libyan task force on security and migration, which is a practical tool for exchanging joint measures,” according to a statement issued by Italian Ministry of Interior, and reported by the Italian news agency ‘Nova’ on Tuesday 21st.

Nova also reported that Trabelsi concluded a working visit to Rome after a technical meeting with the Italian side focusing on combating illegal immigration.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Unity explained that Trabelsi arrived in Rome to participate in the first meeting of the Libyan-Italian Joint Technical Committee, together with Italian Minister of Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, in the presence of the chairpersons and members of the committee from both countries.

Trabelsi opened the meeting with a speech, stressing the importance of activating security cooperation between the two friendly countries, especially on combating illegal immigration and securing borders, according to the ministry’s statement on its Facebook account.

He revealed that the Ministry of Interior has embarked on implementing a four-pronged action plan, including protection of desert borders and cities, fighting illegal immigration, and combatting smuggling, drugs, transnational crime and terrorism.

( Redazione - Libya Observer )



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