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ref:topbtw-3657.html - 7 Aprile 2023

Verso la nuova rivoluzione di primavera ?

Il presidente Tunisino rifiuta il prestito del Fondo Monetario Internazionale..
Le condizioni poste sono considerate "inacettabili", anche se poi non si conoscono con esattezza..

Inflazione, povertà e venti di violenza religiosa portano la Tunisia verso una nuova rivoluzione ?

Tunisia: Protests and clashes likely to continue nationwide through at least late April /update 18

Protests over political situation and unemployment likely in Tunisia through at least late April; heightened security, clashes probable.


Protests and associated clashes are likely across Tunisia through at least late April due to high unemployment, rising inflation, and amid opposition parties' continued calls for demonstrations against the government.

Thousands of protesters have periodically taken to the streets of Tunis and other major cities in response to deteriorating socioeconomic conditions and President Kais Saied's decision to rule by decree.

The low turnout in the first and second rounds of the parliamentary elections appears to have strengthened the opposition parties' resolve to challenge Saied and his policies.

Authorities will almost certainly maintain a heightened security posture over the coming days and weeks. Security personnel could deploy to additional locations as new demonstrations materialize. Protests may impact major road routes, including access points to ports of entry and exit. Transport and business disruptions are probable near any future demonstrations and associated clashes.

The demonstrations and the prevailing sense of political uncertainty in Tunisia come at a time when the country's economy has been severely weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in the prices of various goods, such as food and fuel.

Tunisia's unemployment rate is around 16 percent and will likely rise over the coming months.

Activists have staged protests in several cities to denounce the economic hardship and have occasionally burned tires blocked roads, and engaged in acts of vandalism and looting.

In response, Tunisian authorities have arrested hundreds of people and deployed the military to some cities on multiple occasions.

Avoid all protests due to the potential for violence. Exercise caution near likely rally locations. Monitor local media for protest activity, as organizers may not announce plans in advance.
Confirm the availability of transport and allow additional time to reach destinations. Plan for increased security and localized transport and business disruptions near demonstration sites.

Follow the instructions of security officials.

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