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- IRAN..-

Il regime del Terrore...

Iran has a terror regime

The EPP Group is calling for the tightening up of all UN sanctions against Iran and for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah to be declared terrorist organisations.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s European Council Summit, EPP Group Spokesman on foreign affairs, Michael Gahler MEP said:
"The Iranian regime has been a long-term threat, not only to Israel, but also to other neighbouring Arab states.
It serves as drone provider to Putin’s war against Ukraine, supports terror organisations and is a nightmare for its own population.
It is a comprehensive terror regime".

David Lega MEP and EPP Group spokesman on Iran called for EU unity on the situation:
“Two days ago, we witnessed the joint defence of the democratic state of Israel by many other countries.
Now we need to make sure that we stay united also when it comes to the response against the brutal terror regime in Tehran”.

“Complacency or appeasement towards dictators does not bring peace, democracy or advance human rights - we should have learnt that when we tried the soft approach with Vladimir Putin”, Lega warned.

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Gli eroi non si dimenticano

La chiosa dell'editore.

Certamente una situazione nota.. da molti anni..
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