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0.25% per la vittoria..

Give 0.25% of GDP for Ukraine's victory

Ukraine must win.

Russia must be defeated.

Peace must be brought back. Europe must step up its military assistance for Ukraine's defence.

To reach that goal, the EU needs to have a plan for Ukraine's victory.

The Western military support to Ukraine needs to reach 100 billion euros annually.

Western democracies should use 0.25% of their GDP for military help for Ukraine.

This is what has been called for in a new position paper adopted today by the EPP Group.

The document stresses that only continued transatlantic unity and resolve in the military support for Ukraine can stop the war and deter future Russian aggression.

It therefore calls on the EU and NATO to have a clear, collective plan for Ukraine's victory, with real obligations at the EU and NATO levels to provide long-term uninterrupted military support and with responsibility at the EU level for implementing such a plan within the EU Member States.

It estimates that to help Ukraine defeat Russia, EU and NATO support will need to be greater than 0.25% of the combined Western GDP each year.

“Critical times require bold decisions and leave no room for hesitation.

Two years ago, very few believed that Ukraine could prevail and stop the Russians from entering Kyiv.

But it happened. Very few also believed that Ukraine’s EU and NATO membership was even possible.

However, the recent decisions to open EU accession negotiations and envisage its NATO membership are tangible proof that this is becoming a reality.

The broad democratic consensus needs to be maintained when it comes to the military, financial and political support.

It will be easier if we understand that Ukraine not only needs us, but we need Ukraine. Both in the EU and in NATO.

Ukrainian victory is the guarantee that the EU as a geopolitical project can continue," says Rasa Jukneviciene MEP, Vice-Chair of the EPP Group in charge of foreign affairs.

“The numbers speak for themselves: despite our economic strength, we haven't managed to mobilise our economies to the extent necessary for victory.

One of the reasons is that our military support comes on individual, voluntary basis from Member States.

We must therefore do more and act collectively.

Individual decisions by EU member states should be replaced by a collective political will and a genuine EU plan for Ukraine's victory, covering all its needs, not just ammunition.

The plan should also include a commitment to provide Ukraine with €100 billion in annual military assistance from EU and US financial resources, or for each Member State to provide military support to Ukraine at the level of 0.25% of the GDP - this would be enough for Ukraine to prevail," adds Andrius Kubilius MEP.

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